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Thanks. What you describe is almost exactly my approach. However, my neighbour
is not very knowledgeable of computers in general and I promised to explore the
least disruptive path of OSX 10.5.x to OSX 10.6.x. It is possible, perhaps
likely, that we will end up replacing OSX with Debian unless OSX 10.6 can give
the hardware another year or two of general purpose life. FWIW my approach to my
own computers is to run the hardware into the ground; I never expect less than
ten years' good life from a system. But then, I have relied on GNU/Linux in
various flavours since 1996 (and before that, CP/M+)!

For the moment, if I can get hold of OX 10.6 at reasonable cost, I will go with
that in the hope of staving off her current web site incompatibility problems.



> On 29 January 2018 at 16:14 Edinburgh Linux Users Group
> <edlug at lists.edlug.org.uk> wrote:
>     Hi Anand
>     I doubt that updating to 10.6 will help much - that too is woefully out of
> date, and later OS versions will likely simply refuse run on Core 2 Duo, not
> to mention that the old peripherals (usb connectors, wifi [if built-in], etc)
> will likely not have their drivers included in newer maOS versions (and these
> are not typically downloadable like on Windows - correct me if I'm wrong)
>     I *think* I've long thrown out my old OS X 10.6 DVD but I can have a look
> just in case...
>     But 10+ years is pretty good service, and it might be time for a new piece
> of kit *if* the user's goal is to stay connected online. The obverse: my
> mother still uses her clamshell iBook from 1999 just for word processing and
> printing (MacOS 9 !!), and that's still fine, but anything Internet related
> goes through the family computer which refreshes every 5+ years...
>     Note that if they stay in the Mac ecosystem, your user will find
> themselves with the same conundrum eventually, and probably much sooner than
> they'd think. You might want to talk to them about their options, how much
> longevity they want out of their machine... Jumping from OS X 10.5 to macOS
> 10.13 (latest) is quite a change in workflows in and of itself:
>     * interface has changed significantly enough that they will have to learn
> a somewhat new workflow
>     * bundled/available applications will have changed, some you used to get
> for free are now pay-for (iPhoto --> Photos)
>     * many applications will have morphed significantly since then, and there
> will be /very/ new workflows to learn (office, any photo/video editing suites)
>     * they'll need to re-purchase a significant proportion of their software
> unless they switch to open alternatives such as LibreOffice
>     So there's enough room for argument that they could in fact consider
> switching to say Debian or Ubuntu (standard or Xfce seem to be preferred for
> conservative-style newcomers). installed on a new desktop PC (or at least a
> refurb from the last 3 years - anything they want from the shops with good
> build reputation, just not Apple). That should get them to something that
> could last out the 10+ years, have upgradable RAM, and keep pace with changes
> in browsers (and the underlying OS requirements that browsers have). Given
> Debian and Ubuntu LTS's support cycle, they'll also only need to upgrade OS
> around twice in the lifetime of the machine, and will still keep apace with
> the Internet as it changes...
>     My 2c
>     Tai
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>         > > 
> >         Hello all, and Happy New Year,
> > 
> >         I have been asked for help with an iMac of about 2005 vintage. It
> > runs OSX version 10.5.8; hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB Ram, so capable of
> > accepting later OS versions. The user's problem is that the most up to date
> > Safari for that OS version now baulks at many websites. Flash Player and any
> > reasonable modern browser fails to run or fails to cope with Flash-heavy
> > sites.
> > 
> >         The installed OSX version will not communicate with Apple's Appstore
> > (or whatever the damned thing is called. Although Apple no longer charge for
> > OS upgrades, the only way to do so is by buying a DVD for £20 or more. Does
> > anyone have access to a legal OSX 10.6 DVD which can start this machine on
> > the upgrade path.
> > 
> >         Thanks in advance.
> > 
> >         Anand
> > 
> >         PS I dislike using the word "upgrade" in this context. It is
> > marketing nonsense and not technically meaningful.
> > 
> > 
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