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My son just made a "HackinToy"  running Sierra on his AMD Ryzen 7, using a
patched USB stick and a spare SSD, so after two days of patches etc it
works and says its an "Unknown" Mac.

So its out there, and you can get it, keep looking ...


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> Hello all, and Happy New Year,
> I have been asked for help with an iMac of about 2005 vintage. It runs OSX
> version 10.5.8; hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB Ram, so capable of accepting
> later OS versions. The user's problem is that the most up to date Safari
> for that OS version now baulks at many websites. Flash Player and any
> reasonable modern browser fails to run or fails to cope with Flash-heavy
> sites.
> The installed OSX version will not communicate with Apple's Appstore (or
> whatever the damned thing is called. Although Apple no longer charge for OS
> upgrades, the only way to do so is by buying a DVD for £20 or more. Does
> anyone have access to a legal OSX 10.6 DVD which can start this machine on
> the upgrade path.
> Thanks in advance.
> Anand
> PS I dislike using the word "upgrade" in this context. It is marketing
> nonsense and not technically meaningful.
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